It’s amazing how we all have within us the sense to feel when things are good or bad for us. In most cases we can figure out if we are in immediate danger but what about the times and situations when we get confused about if something or someone is good or bad for us and sometimes in these times and situations we go against our instincts and choose the things or people that are not for us. Why is it that we get caught up in the confusion and don’t listern to our inner self or our instincts if you will? 

I think one the the reasons is because we can get caught up on how others see us, Are we living our life according to how we want to live or are we seeking the approval from others to fit in? Are we going about our days and nights needing to be valated by others? and if so, what are we benefiting from it? This can cause confusion within us on how we look at different situations and people in our lives leaving us to make not so good choices, this isn’t an excuse to blame others because it’s still your choice but it’s one of the reasons we may get caught up and not trust our instincts when we need to.
Our instincts are there to save us from making stupid, rash and dangerious decsions or to warn us about things and people that are not in our best interest. God gave us all the abiliy to make our own decisions base on what we feel is right for us, but when we are not living the life that we want or need and we don’t feel great about ourselves, we don’t really listen to that little voice of reason within telling us the right way or telling us the things that is special about us the things that can help us progress in life.
Your instincts are the best thing that you can take advice from, we can go to other people to discuss our issues and situations looking for some solid advice about what we should do within our lives, but we really should be listerning to our inner deep thoughts and instincts first and trusting it because only you know what’s best for you and your instincts will never let you down because it’s been place there by God to help you to progress, it’s a sound mind not of confusion and it’s a major key to getting your life where you need it to be.
So begin to listen to your inner voice, your gut, God, your instincts, whatever you want to call it, it is there to help guide and protect you on this journey we call life.