Sometimes we can be hard and critical on ourselves, we don’t take time to really look at the things we have overcame or the things we’ve successfully got through and completed. I think sometimes we feel when things are going great we don’t need to be excited and proud of of ourselves in that moment because we are rushing on to the next thing before our winning steak ends and the things we accomplished, are things that needed to be done so that we can get to the next thing or goal to tackle, we don’t take in the process that it took to get it done and in some cases how hard it was to accomplish it. 

Learning to take a step back after every accomplishment and be proud of how far we have progress is something I believe is very necessary for us to do to continue to be confident, determined and focused for the next goal or thing we want to tackle and accomplish. It also helps to get through those times when we find it hard or feel like giving up, but if you can remember that feeling of being proud of yourself and your accomplishments it makes it a little easier to keep going.

To be proud of yourself and your accomplishments as they happen means to acknowledge your hard work and all the obstacles which may include fears, tears, and the courage including strength that you put in to be successful. There is nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back and saying ” I did that”  to prepare and also pump yourself up to move on to the next goal you are going to successfully complete.