Hey guys I wanted to come back in here on the blog to give an update on how my process is going so far with my home office space. My new office space is all about staying focused on the things I need to get done and having the space to do that in. So far I’m loving my little home office space, I get so much done I’m blogging more, I’m starting new projects, I’m putting in the energy and time to finish up my second book and so much more. 

I added a few things to give it a more personal and office feel but I’m far from done. I still have to paint, get a new door, figure out better lighting and other small details but for the most part I’m very comfortable in my space because I’m actually working, creating or just relaxing watching movies or listening to music in my office.

My office space now is just a start to a bigger space to come, so for now I’m happy with it and I want you to remember while moving forward in your goals and dreams don’t let anything stop you even if that means using what you already have to get you started and motivated and allowing that to push you that much closer to accomplishments and bigger things to come.

I will post more updates on my office as time moves on but I hope you get inspired to create your own little space.