lisa-nichols-1Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching and being inspired by one of my favorite motivational speakers Lisa Nichols. Lisa is one of the top and best inspirational and motivational influencers in the business she refers to call herself a transformational coach. She is very relateable and her story and journey is touching and encouraging, she has changed lives all over the world.

There are many inspiring videos of her speaking engagments online and the great thing is you can check them out for free. I love the ones when she talks about how successful people think, she calls people like this ABUNDANT THINKERS, people that think and have actions that are big, they know who they are and they focus on mastering their abilities by setting and accomplishing goals no matter what. 

Here are some of her views on Abundant thinkers and also check out the video below to see the full seminar.


  • Use fear and passion to take their leaps
  • Create micro wins to create macro wins
  • Fail but fail forward, if or when they fail they ask themselves What lesson was leaned? and What will be done differently?
  • Understand the power of I AM, because anything after I AM is how you feel about yourself and the actions you will take ( I AM great vs. I AM a loser)
  • GET UNCOMFORTABLE, Cognitive dissonance, the form of mental disruption of your mind to do things uncomfortable
  • Operate with importance and a sense of urgency
  • kill their ego and get out of their own way 

There are plenty of other ways successful and go getters think and once you get the type of mind set to win, then you will go far and achieve anything you set your mind to.