HAPPY 2017

happy-new-year-imagesI think for the most part everyone may say 2016 was a trying and strange year. With so many deaths and crazy things going on in the world including Donald Trump winning the election, 2016 may go down in history as the worst year of this generation.

As for what 2016 meant to me, I will say this, it started off horrible with the death of my sister in law she was my best friend and everything that came up after, that tried to hinder me. I did get somethings that were positive out of 2016, I had some accomplishments like releasing my first book titled A Reason To Live: How To Get Through Difficult Times, overcoming fear to work on the things that I want to succeed in, I replaced stress and worry with gratitude and determination and I’m learning how to let go of anything that may not fit my life and how I want to live mind, body and spirit.

It’s funny how sometimes in life it takes a really bad situation to happen to remind you that your time here is limited and that you must make your life, a life of actions, joys, strength and gratefulness to feel and see happiness. My sister in law taught me to never let anyone or anything put doubt, fear or anything of negativity in my heart to affect my spirit and to stand firm in my faith and accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

I’m happy with the direction my life is going and my plans are to help anyone that may need a helping hand to win and succeed in life, so Andrea Motivates will be expanding in different areas to reach more people including the release of my second book, my weekly Podcast Show and other projects in the works, I’m excited. I refuse to limit myself and my ability to be successful and happy.

I pray that you and your family have a safe and wonderful New Year and allow 2017 to enter into your life with peace, positivity, success, and abundance in all areas.