Living in the moment means you are not focused on anything else out side of the moment you are in. You take away all the worry, stress, and doubt of yesterday and tomorrow and act as if it doesn’t exist because in reality it doesn’t exist, yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t came yet. All you have is right now and your right now moment is in your control.

Living in the moment gives you the chance to make decisions to help your life go where ever you want it to go, your “in the moment” choice can change and effect the rest of your life, it only takes a second to make the wrong decision that can throw your life off course so why not use it to do things that can effect the rest of your life for the positive. Living in the moment is deciding how you want to progress and prosper further in your life. Have fun and enjoy your life while you can, don’t worry about the things you can not control, use your moments to take the time to breathe, think and live in the direction you want to push yourself towards.

Never worry about what was or what is to come if you can stand firm in the moment in the right now that you are in

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    1. Hey Nesta I apologize for taking so long to reply but thanks for the like, follow and comment. Living in the moment in MY OPINION is knowing you can’t control everything and that changes don’t happen until we make them happen, so why worry about things and people that we can’t control or change. It’s knowing and understand You have the ability within to live in the right now and make or change what you can control in that moment. If you’re aiming for peace and positive changes, it starts with your own happiness first. Living in the moment has no room for fear or negative experience because only you have the power to make a choice to be how you choose to be within those moments, if you choose to engage with negative things don’t be surprised when it continues to show up in your life. I’m on the same journey in figuring things out too and I know we have a certain power to create how we want our lives to go and that life is an experience that we should enjoy and learn from and if we continue to live in fear or negativity then we can’t see, enjoy and experience the true meaning of living. Again this is only my opinion everyone is different and have different views and I think if you truly know who you are and understand life as it was meant to be for you, then you would know your next move into what your moment, your right now decisions should be. Nesta, I hope I made sense a little my mind goes a mile a minute lol but I hope I helped 😊

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