trustyourself2Trusting yourself is easier said than done especially when you have to make many decisions about your life.

We tend to look for all the answers from a variety of outside sources to help convince us of what’s best for us. We talk to our family and friends to get opinions to help solve issues and confusion going on with us, though this maybe good and healthy to have the support and advice from our love ones but we must keep in mind its our life that would be effected and what may be best for others may not be best for us and our situations.

Trusting yourself is believing in yourself, it’s having confidence in your decisions and it’s of course loving yourself to know that only you know what’s best for you and your life and even with all the advice given and talks you have with other people, you have the final say and actions to take. Life can sometimes feel scary with all the madness going on in the world and the obstacles that we face personally that try to hinder us and our growth I think that sometimes it’s best to figure it all out by trusting in our own abilities and making choices based on what we want for ourselves. We put trust into lots of people and a lot of times we get disappointed when they let us down, trusting yourself should always be your second source with your faith and God being your first, by doing this you won’t feel discouraged when people let you down and I’m assuming you don’t want to disappoint yourself so you should take all the necessary steps to do what it is you need to do that because you know it’s best for you leaving no room for someone else to let you down. Trust and believe in yourself, hearing and seeing other people’s opinions and actions are based on what’s best for them, you can take notes and apply if you feel it lines up with your first and second sources ( your faith in God and Yourself) it should be an extension of what you already feel inside to do.

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to if you just trust and believe in yourself, your abilities, your visions and your thoughts for your life and know you will be ok.