HAPPY 2017

I think for the most part everyone may say 2016 was a trying and strange year. With so many deaths and crazy things going on in the world including Donald Trump winning the election, 2016 may go down in history as the worst year of this generation. As for what 2016 meant to me, I … Continue reading HAPPY 2017


Living in the moment means you are not focused on anything else out side of the moment you are in. You take away all the worry, stress, and doubt of yesterday and tomorrow and act as if it doesn't exist because in reality it doesn't exist, yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn't came yet. All … Continue reading LIVING IN THE MOMENT


Trusting yourself is easier said than done especially when you have to make many decisions about your life. We tend to look for all the answers from a variety of outside sources to help convince us of what's best for us. We talk to our family and friends to get opinions to help solve issues … Continue reading SELF LOVE SATURDAY: TRUSTING YOURSELF