img_20161115_074550I wasn’t going to blog about this topic because of the negative effect that it has had on many people around the country/world and usually I leave politics and religion topics to a minimum because these topics most times leads down a path of opinions that are negative to some. So I will only touch on this topic this one time to keep things on a more positive note.

This election was a very important one and we all know most of the details about both candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump that ran for president. Well we have a new president-elect and his name is Donald Trump and there are a lot of shocked, angry, worried and scared people in our country who feel that the wrong decision was made for many different very important reasons, I will leave my personal opinions out of this post because I want to keep the focus on moving forward and staying positive, but I will say this no matter what is going on in our government you also have the power to do somethings to help better our country.

We should focus on becoming better individuals this includes standing up for what’s right for all people and being able to stand next to anyone that is different than you and see that they’re human just like you and if necessary learn about their way of life so that you can better understand instead of hating and judging them. We should also hold our state and city representatives accountable when we need to see united changes for proper actions within our communities. I would like to believe that most of us want positive outcomes for everyone including peace and fair opportunities.

As far as our new leader, we shall see and as people of love, peace and positivity we should pray for him and our country and when it comes to the things we don’t like in our country or communities, we should use our voices for better changes. But as we all wait to see what the new leader will do, we must keep going and concentrate on becoming positive leaders in our on right and make great choices to accomplish our dreams, goals and purpose for our futures, we must teach our children to prosper in good faith and value love, peace and positive actions. As I always say “Change Starts With You”.  

keep your heads up.