alewisANDREA LEWIS is a Canadian actress, producer, director, writer, singer, the brains behind her company Jungle Wild Productions and trust me the list goes on of the many hats this woman wears. Most of you may remember her from the hit T.V series Degrassi High: The Next Generation, yes she was with the cast that introduced us to some of today’s well known artists including Mr. Aubrey Graham better known as the hip hop artist Drake.

junglewildproductionsOver the last couple of years I’ve been keeping up with Andrea via YouTube, her channel focuses on her career as a black actress and over time her channel became one of the most inspiring channels on YouTube in my opinion because she isn’t afraid to show the real side of the industry and most important she shows the real side of herself with her Self Love Saturday Vlogs which includes her struggles dealing with different issues and situations that come up in her personal life. I can relate to some of the things she fights with when dealing with the Self and some of the situations she shares, not only is she one of the people that I get encouragement, motivation and inspiration from but she is the inspiration behind my SELF LOVE SATURDAY’S here on my blog (Us Andrea’s must stick together lol).  Andrea has a long standing successful career and she isn’t slowing down any time soon with the success of her two web series “Black Actress” and “Beyond Complicated”  independently done by Miss Andrea and her company Jungle Wild Productions which by the way is a great company, so if you’re looking for something in the field of acting, modeling, etc. check out her company.

Today’s SELF LOVE SATURDAY comes straight from Andrea Lewis because this one hit home for me as well and helped me to refocus and clearly look at the things, people and situations in my life and reevaluate if it’s supportive of me and my actions as well. We all must look at what’s really going on with ourselves and life and figure out the actions we are going to take to make things go in the direction we want them to go. We also have to learn how to stop worrying about too much making life more complicated for ourselves. Actions speaks louder than words so as you watch the video below make notes on if you’re taking the necessary actions to keep pushing towards your goals or are you just talking about it and never really doing anything and also make note of the actions from the people that are in your circle and decide if their actions are lining up with yours and what you want for yourself.

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