Over the last couple of months I’ve been into home improvement, home decor and D.I.Y projects. I have always had some interest and love for these things and I’m known for always rearranging things in my apartment or revamping something, but lately it feels like more of a hidden passion coming out to the point where everyday I’m watching some kind of show related to home improvement or I’m on YouTube watching hours of D.I.Y videos or house and room tours, I just love it.

propertybrothersMy favorite show at the moment that I have been catching up on via Netflix is “The Property Brothers”, it’s an awesome show the way they take run down houses that their clients purchased and turn them into beautiful homes, it’s very inspiring to me and I’m learning a lot of things about real estate and my favorite part of the show ways to design a space in your home. Another show I’m loving is actually on YouTube from the YouTuber Mr. Kate and it’s called “OMG, We’re Coming Over” and it’s a husband and wife team that helps revamp and style other people homes or a space in their homes, they are the cutest couple and funny too. I like their show because they show you how to design a space on a small budget or create great D.I.Y project with things you already have or things you can get for little to nothing. Mr.Kate channel is full of great tips for home decor. These shows are just great if your interests are to design or fix up needed space in your home and at the moment I’m that person with that interest. mrkateomg

img_2800With the information I’m gathering from watching these shows, videos and of course my own ideas I have now started my own projects in my apartment and I want to bring you along for the ride. The first project I’m working on is turning my kitchen walkin pantry (which we used only for storage) into a functional work space “A home Office” if you will. I’m so excited about this space because it’s prefect for me to focus and get things done especially being a blogger and writing my second book. This space is small as you can see and I have a lot to do to fix it up including plastering, new tile and painting but it’s quiet because it has a door and this space can hold everything I need to create, it has no window but air does circulate even with the door closed plus there’s a window in the kitchen so don’t worry I won’t suffocate while using this space lol. I had a little small area in my bedroom as a work space but I got little done being that my bed was a slight temptation to work from creating a distraction to not even look at the space I created to work from it didn’t motivate me enough, my bedroom was not a good idea for me to work in because I got too relaxed and instead of working I would end up putting on Netflix and put things I should’ve done off and also my daughters rooms are in the back area of my apartment so that created a lot of extra noise including music, T.V and when they had company.

So over the next couple of weeks I will be adding little touches to my new space to make it more comfortable, motivating and awesome to my style and liking all while not getting too carried away because again this space is inside my kitchen and I want things to flow together. I will be showing you guys this process and also showing you some things that I pick up to go into my new office space and also some d.i.y projects that you can also do if you want to style any space in your home.  I’m excited!!!