Yes I know it’s been some time since I posted in this section of my blog but to my defense this year has been a tough one. The start of the year started off horrible for me and my family with the sudden passing of my sister in law, one of my best friends in this world left this Earth and transitioned to hopefully a better place. So that really had me in a downward spin because so much started to happen that hindered me a little. I did managed to finish my first book A Reason To Live: How To Get Through Difficult Times (ironically the perfect title because of what I was going through). I promised my sis in law before she passed that I would finish the book because she couldn’t wait to read it, so I’m happy I did finish it because it really was a comfort to me to write my experiences and advice on how to pull through negativity and create a positive journey.

With all the things I was going through and feeling, working out and eating healthy was far from my mind, in fact, I just didn’t care about it too much, I made every excuse to not want to go to the gym or exercise in general (even from home) and my eating habits was the same. The fact that it was summer and was too hot was my favorite excuse. Though I love the gym, I love to workout and eat clean, I just wasn’t pushing myself to stay focus on taking care of myself.


Well I’m writing this post to say I’M BACK AT IT and it feels good, I truly forgot how working out and eating clean can really shift your moods and relieve certain stresses and it’s a great idea to stay focus on wanting to live a better and healthy lifestyle. So with that being said I will pop in from time to time on this section of my blog to show case what I’ve been doing in the gym and also the new adventures and experiences with the foods I’m eating. I’m ready to try some new foods and also take a more deep look into learning about different vitamins I could take to help my body be stronger and alert. The older you get the more attention you have to pay towards your body and the things it needs or don’t need and being health conscious is the key. I’m looking forward to closing out this year a lot more strong and healthy.

What are some of the things you do to stay healthy, do you workout? If you know of any great clean foods I can try let me know down below in the comments.

Wish me luck and I hope you are taking care of your body and health in a positive way as well. 1 luv