organizedefOur lives are full of things we need to do on a daily basics and finding the time to do them in and I’m learning the older I get, the more I get a little overwhelmed with all the things that are a priority to me to accomplish. We have to focus and tend to very important things in our lives like our children and family, work, school and of course making sure we are taking good care of ourselves. 

I realized the issue isn’t the things that we need or want to do, it’s the time to do them and making the time to get it done. Organizing and planning your thoughts and days is the solution to this issue. I believe when you put together a system for yourself then you wouldn’t be all over the place as much. Having a well thought out plan for the week or month is very effective if your schedule is busy and timing is a struggle because your days seems to overlap into each other and the results is you’re either not getting things done or you’re not finishing things that need to get done. If you’re the type of person to have a thousand thoughts running through your head of ideas, goals and things you need or want to do, then you and I are in the same boat, like most people all we want is time, but that’s asking a lot because time waits for no one and we have to figure out what fits so things don’t get overwhelming because nothing is worst than wasted time. 

So what are some of the things we can do and tools we can use to get organized and do things in a more timely manner? Here are some quick ideas you can try to apply to organize your life and time a little better, some of these solutions I also do and it has helped greatly.

  • Think clearly about what you want to do or what needs to be done. Decide if it’s important to get done now or if it can wait.
  • Write out a list and separate the wants and needs.
  • Buy a planner to plan out your days, weeks, month or year. A planner is a great tool to keep track of your “to do” list and goals.
  • Download a schedule app from your smart phone or tablet, to remind you of what you planned to do. There are many out there and the cool thing about some of them is they’re free and some come with alarms and reminder alerts. so there’s no excuse when you hear the alerts.
  • Make your own planner, if you don’t want to dish out between 5-30 dollars for those fancy planners with all the little cute stickers, then make your own in any size you want using notebook binders, paper, dividers and add on your own fun decor.
  • Dry erase boards are another great tool to use to help remind you to stay on track. It’s prefect because you can place it on your wall anywhere you need to see it in your home, it allows you to wipe clean and start a new schedule instantly.
  • Colored sticky notes can be used as short quick notes to help as reminders for your kids or grocery list.

I hope this short list helped, as I mentioned we all have busy lives and finding the time to get things done can be a struggle but when you set your mind to do something and it’s of importance to you and your growth you will always find the time to get it done. Try to stay focused on your goals and the positive things that’s going to bring great change, don’t get overwhelmed just pace yourself, plan and get it done. 

What are some of the ways you keep your life organized, and how do you deal with finding the time to get things done? Let me know down in the comment section.

Check out some of the tools I use below