are-you-in-love-withWhy do we sometimes love to accept and allow dysfunction including people and situations in our lives?

Does this sound a little familiar to you? Do you feel you live in a world full of confusion and strife that seems to never end? We all have a little dysfunction in our life, nobody is perfect no one is living a perfect life or have the perfect family, but why is it that we sometimes have the tendency to willingly welcome in dysfunction to control our lives? Well, there are many different reasons dysfunction shows up some reasons may have been passed down through your family patterns, so all you know and understand is dysfunction because it’s your normal. When you decide for yourself the life you want and it’s for positive change then you will be well aware what dysfunction looks like and you would want to dismiss it fast and correctly.

As adults and being able to chose how we want to live, we sometimes don’t stop and think that in most cases dysfunction is around because we attract it to our lives. Living in doubt, fear, hopelessness for yourself is dysfunctional to your mental state, it isn’t a good way to think or live and this could be the surface of the dysfunction in your life because it is a reflection on how you may see yourself anyway.

What are you feeling inside about yourself? Are you willingly attracting some of this dysfunction into your life?

Let me give you some examples;

Lets start with your living environment, Your home environment especially, should be a place of your control and comfort. Once you enter your home you want to relax and leave all the drama and stresses of the world outside your front door, so you can have the deserving opportunity to refresh and regroup so you can think clearly for the next day. But if your mind and life is full of dysfunction, I’m almost certain that your home life reflects this. Having a untidy, messy, nasty, dirty home is a form of dysfunction and if you don’t clean out the confusion in your mind you will always find away to maintain a dysfunctional and dirty home. You should want better for yourself.

Another example are people;

Family, relationships, coworkers and friends. These people can also be adding to the dysfunction in your life. Allowing people to disrupt and distract your mind and life with negativity can be a very bad thing to be around when you’re trying to fix your own life. People like this with their drama, lack of support, lack of concern, disrespect and anything that causes you confusion is dysfunctional. Yes, you may love some of these people but if you are drained even just by their presence because they may always have negative words, they treat you bad, and/or are involved in negative situations with no positive solutions but to include you in their mess, should be a red flag that these types of people are toxic to your life. When you’re dealing with your own personal dysfunction, it isn’t a good idea (in my opinion) to socialize with these people. Stop inviting in and engaging in this behavior with these people, it isn’t love. 

“If they are not adding some type of value to my life in a positive way, they need to be removed from my life, instantly”

I always remind myself of that quote when faced with people that don’t align with my goals and positive changes I want for myself and I’m passing that advice to you.

These are some common things that may be adding some level of dysfunction to your life, but again some of your dysfunction maybe coming from you and what you may think and feel your normal is and hey your dysfunction maybe your normal but if it’s not causing you any good and you want positive changes in your life then not allowing any more dysfunction to form in your world is a great way to start. You will figure it out. 

Grab hold of your thoughts, sort out ALL the dysfunction you maybe in love with and causing  to yourself and/or other people are causing, realize this isn’t love and has no positive growth attached to it and just LET IT GO!!!