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This week SELF LOVE SATURDAY is all about being proud of where you are right now. The more you become in turned with yourself and learning to love yourself a little bit more everyday, the more you will feel proud of the things you set out to do and accomplishing them. When this happens you should always take a moment and enjoy that accomplishment big or small because you took actions and didn’t limit yourself to get it done. Be proud because only you understand what it took to get to where you are right now.

Never let anyone take away your efforts, commitment, energy, joy, success or even your setbacks because your setbacks teaches you as well. Never allow anyone to down play your accomplishments (we all know someone that is like this) In my book I call people like this “HAPPY HATERS” (you can check out the book to learn who these people are) be ready for these types of people and learn to ignore them and move on.

All in all know that when you are making great efforts towards bettering your life no goal is to small be proud that you came this far celebrate your accomplishments and continue to set goals and LIVE them through. ONE LOVE