blogging 1012

The easy part about starting a blog is writing about and sharing information on things you already have some knowledge on or just voicing (in written form) your opinions about anything that you find interesting. If you have a passion like I do to write and create different content then blogging maybe your niche.

There are many different topics to write about, your blog doesn’t have to focus on one thing, it can be about whatever you want but I would advise to have some sense of direction in where you want your blog site and posts to go so you can be able to reach the right audience. You don’t want your blog to be too confusing that you lose interested readers and potential advertisers (I will talk about that later). You want your blog to be something that’s fun to do and not feel like a chore to keep up with. Some people blog everyday, once or twice a week, or monthly it all depends on what and how you want to do things to fit with your timing to do them in, it is your choice because it’s your site, your content and in your control.

Blogging is taking over, there are so many sites out there that get lots of attention because they report the news, celebrity gossip, report on real true facts about the world including political views and more, then you have blog sites that talk about how to live better and other things. The internet and blogging including social media is a booming business causing some of the top newspapers and magazines to lose sells, people rather just look up info on their devices the quick and easy way. This gives everyday people like me or anyone that has something to say an opportunity to create the things they want to read and share the information they want to share. So now I will talk about how you can create a blog and maybe make a profit from it.


You want to first think about what it is that you want to write about or share, brain storm some ideas and concepts about what direction you want your blog to go in. This will help you stay consistent with keeping up with creating topics. You want to gain readers, so you may want to think about how much effort and time you are going to put into building your blog and brand. Once you know what direction you want your blog to go in, you can research the different websites out there that you can use to blog from, there are many hosting sites out there of course there’s WORDPRESS which is my favorite, BLOGSPOT, WIXX, and many others. Most of these sites comes with a free account for you to get started on and gives you options if you choose to upgrade for more features for your blog. Start with the free account to get the feel of it all then when you’re ready you can upgrade if it’s necessary. Once you pick which hosting site you want to start your blog on, then you want to come up with a name or tittle for your blog, it can be anything you want relating to the topics you will be writing about. Creating a name should be chosen very carefully if you want your blog to go further than just you, your family and friends reading it. You should chose something that is short, yet catchy that people can remember.

Now after you’ve done that you can design your theme for your blog, chose a blog theme with a background and fonts that is readable and that stands out. To reach and attract more people to your blog you may want to link all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, etc, so that people can know you have an interesting blog for them to check out, also for a more advanced way of reaching people you should read up on SEO to get even more traffic flow, this includes your blog site appearing on Google search engine, but before you take advantage of what SEO can bring to your blog you should have a couple of blog post, topics or articles on your blog.For the most part you’re set up is complete and your ready to run your blog site and share it with the world.

You are now ready to share the ideas and topics that you wrote down in the beginning with the world, over time you will get better and better at it and more and more people will want to engage with you and your topics if it interest them. This post is just the basics of starting a blog, very simple and easy. Once you have made up your mind that you want to write and share anything you wish with other people then it will come naturally. Blogging has it’s ups and downs, it may take a while for your blog to reach thousands of people but that’s o.k because if your passion is writing or sharing what you know on this type of platform then you will do it anyway despite who sees it but eventually someone will see it just don’t focus to much on that part.

In my next BLOGGING 101 SERIES, I will talk a little about how you can turn your passion of blogging into a profit from advertisers so be on the look out for that post. In the meantime let me know down below in the comments if you have a blog site and if so leave your link so I can check it out and maybe give you a shout out in my next blog post. ONE LOVE