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I want to write a little about the differences between WANTING and NEEDING, and how sometimes not knowing the difference can affect our growth either in a positive or negative way.

Over time we have to learn and figure out the importance of the things that enters our lives and decide if it fits into the life we are trying to obtain. As adult most of us should know the differences between a want and a need in any form it presents itself in from buying a new pair of shoes, finishing school, paying bills and even building different relationships with people. But as human beings we have flaws and no one is perfect so sometimes we miss the mark and making the choice between a want and need can sometimes be a little difficult and tricky and this choice can sometimes change the course in our lives on how things should be for us. So let’s break down (in my opinion) the differences between a want and a need.


A NEED can apply to the things that are important for us to progress (you HAVE to get it done no excuses it’s a must). It’s the things that are of value to our lives, for example; We NEED to pay our rent or mortgage because the value in doing that is having a roof over our heads for ourselves and our family to live better and the importance of paying this bill is the security of having our home. It’s the responsibility of making sure things are taken care of whether its bills, or our well being. Our needs keep us moving in a better direction when they’re met. It helps us figure out what is important and best for our lives, Sometimes we can pin point what we need to do or who needs to be in our lives because it’s something or someone that can help us progress in a positive way. We need to get things done to fulfill a purpose or we need someone in our life because they help in making us a better person. The confusion comes in play when you don’t know or love yourself to understand that the very same things can be presented to you in a way that is negative. yes it can appear like a need but really it’s just a want and sometimes this will come with consequences…..


A WANT is sometimes based on an impulse for instant satisfaction, it’s something that is attached to the way we maybe feeling or what mood we maybe in when it’s presented to us. Now, a want can be present in many forms, here’s two examples;

The tricky part of wanting and needing is wanting to do better and live better for positive change and the need to do something about it to make that happen.

You wanting to do better is based on how you’re feeling about yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will do anything to change, the need is doing something about it because it’s important and will bring something of value. You ever hear people say “All he/she does is talk about what they want but never do anything to get it”. Well that’s because the feelings are there but the importance is not. Another example of a want is giving your time, energy and love to someone that does not deserve it or you, the tricky part about this is that this can also appear like a need because you maybe doing everything you NEED to do that’s right to make things work but this person doesn’t accept it, yet you stay because of a WANT and what are those wants in this type of situation? validation, love, acceptance, company the list can go on but if your needs are being neglected then its because you choose and want them to be. Self love is very important because if you have self love then you will know you don’t deserve mistreatment and your NEEDS will be met to reflect who you are. Again, a WANT and a NEED comes down to a choice and your needs reflect what is of value and importance to progress in some form in your life, something you have to do or get done and getting rid of toxic people and situations should be something you NEED to do.


It’s not about having WANTS all the time, its really more of having your needs met and being responsible and after you take care of that everything else is a bonus, meaning, the wants that you choose would be more enjoyable (especially when you have self love to know the difference) because being happy, positive, loving, and responsible is a NEED for life to exist to be blessed with a want. Figure out your needs and responsibilities, make sure you take care of all things important to keep your life in a positive light and then you can focus on whatever your wants are. Make solid choices for yourself don’t make choices that could lead you down a path of no return because of something you want and not what you need.