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Did you know whatever you allow in you life, your home environment, and the people you socialize with is a form of how you feel about yourself. How do you see yourself? Is your life going the way you want things to go?

For things to be under control in your life, in a way in which you can control them, you have to know your worth and know and stand firm in all the decisions you make for yourself and life. Knowing your worth means you will not tolerate any nonsense to interfere with what you have going on for yourself, and sometimes that may include the things and people you care about. For example, If your environment (home) is full of negative vibes, the wrong people are hangout there that’s full of drama, or it’s messy all the time, these are things in your control and things you are allowing to happen. If you don’t have control of these minor things in your own space, it’s very likely that you are feeling the same way about yourself inside or if people that you socialize with know that they can take advantage of you or don’t respect your time, presence, body or anything that you find important, then you are not protecting your worth, you don’t need validation to be yourself or to live your life. You need to find your self worth and push through all the things that try and test you.

2f588c8ed6dbf28960dfbff1ee9818b1Your self worth determines many things in your life and what you want out of life, yes we all go through times when we are insecure or we get knocked off track for a minute but when you know what you deserve, then you know how to create better turnouts for yourself and you will know how to eliminate negative vibes from people and any situations that does not line up with the worth you have for yourself. You have to understand the standards you want and set for yourself. Never allow yourself to be anything less than what you deserve and know that you are enough and you matter. Don’t continue to worry about what others may think of you especially if they are belittling you or abusing you in any way. Find the courage you need to remove yourself from anything that’s causing you to be stressed or second guess your worth. You should focus on what makes you happy and live your life for you. Don’t allow things to just happen to you if it’s making you feel sad, bad or discouraged dig deep inside and find yourself and begin to love yourself and know you are worthy.