Live your

Everyone has dreams of living a great, fulfilled, and successful life. Most want to make there dreams come true by doing things their way on their terms being the boss and not the employee. We all want to enjoy peace, free time and financial freedom.

Our society is run by the little man/woman and their skills and hard work, it’s the little man/woman that’s making the big man dreams come true while the little man/woman gets crumbs to maintain his/her simple life of wishes and hopes to be like the big man. Low paying jobs and big bills can leave us feeling like we have no control over our own lives because we work and work and have little to show for it or we’re working just to make ends meet. Your job or career says a lot about what you think you’re worth and how you want to see your future, the moment you start to trust in wanting and having more for yourself and for your life then you will start to change what your reality is and how you want to go about living out your dreams.

The most important thing is manifesting what you expect for your life and begin to build towards it. Think about all the success stories you have heard, really look at the things it took for these people to get to where they are, most of these people have the same things in common. Let’s name five (5) things successful people have in common to gain what they feel success is for them, so that you can have an idea of where and how to start bringing your dreams into reality…

  1. PASSION  If it’s something you want to do and it’s always on your mind and you spend a lot of time trying to perfect it because it makes you feel happy and satisfied doing, then this is something you are passionate about and you can see yourself doing this forever without getting tired of it. Your passion over rides money, it is something you love to do no matter what.
  2.  DETERMINATION  When you have a dream or goal you want to fulfill, you have to get use to hearing the word NO or people not liking your ideas but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing what you want to do. Most successful people were turned down many times before they made a name for themselves or before they reached what they define success to mean to them, they were determined to do and accomplish the things they set out to do. Nothing or no one should stop you from living in your true purpose, so be determined with your dreams and goals  if it’s something you truly believe in.
  3. PURPOSE  You want to know what your main focus for doing what it is that you want to do. You want to know what success means to you because success means different things to different people. What are the reasons why you want to pursue your dreams? There should be a purpose in anything that you do so that the end results will mean something of importance for you and others around you. Most successful people have a purpose and goals to accomplish so that it can make some type of difference in both their lives and other people lives. You should always want to live in your true purpose, if you don’t know just yet what your purpose is, don’t worry sometimes it takes awhile to figure out but I believe we all have a purpose we just have to really start listening to our inner self because it has a way of letting us know what our purpose is. Your purpose should also make you happy.
  4. COMMITMENT  What ever your dreams or goals are you must make a decision to fully commit to it and take the actions needed to keep the things you want to do on point. Successful people stand firm in the things they set out to accomplish and the things they believe in, they commit to everything it takes to make their dreams or goals come to reality they don’t slack in their efforts because they understand they have a end goal of being successful.
  5. CONFIDENCE  This will take you far, you have to KNOW that you are fully capable to do the things that you want to do to fulfill your dreams and goals. You must build a tough skin to deal with all the negative things and people that can get in your way. If you are confident in yourself and in the things you know you can do and the things you can get done then others will also believe in you as well. Successful people have the confidence it takes to push through even when things get tough or there is little to no help around, they rely on their own confidence in knowing when they set their mind to something they can and will achieve it. Believe in yourself

I hope that you manifest your dreams into reality and accomplish all that you set out for. Work on your dreams and goals a little at a time and know that you have every right to be happy with the life you’re living right now and if you have a dream don’t let it die and leave you with a regretful feeling because you didn’t acknowledge the vision you have for yourself. Do what’s best for you to be a success story, whatever your dreams or goals are I hope it’s positive and will make a difference in your life and/or someone else life.