PUSH THROUGH THE STRUGGLES (A page from my book)


Everyone has struggles some just maybe harder than others, but what I have come to see is that there can be many blessings that come from struggles. I know sometimes we can’t control different situations that happen in our lives but it’s about pushing through to handle what you can control and go from there.

I believe the reasons we have some struggles is because there’s a lesson in it all to be learned so that we can be prepared for anything that may come our way, we will then have the strength to overcome it. The struggles of life, is knowing how to survive it and not give up even when things just don’t feel like they will be better.

Think about all the times you made it through what may have been the most horrible of times, this may include coping with a death of a love one, your finances, ending a bad relationship, feeling major depression, trying to save your children from bad choices. These times are more stressful and confusing to us because we feel like we lost control but in all reality we are not trusting the process to even understand that these things must happen for us to gain strength, so we can focus on the things we can control. We must learn how to SURRENDER, after you’ve gone through everything you could possibly go through meaning you’ve prayed, cried, asked for help, you did everything in your human understanding and power to fix it yourself and it still feels or looks unfixable that is when you just surrender it all and allow your God to take back control.

You can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you can’t do it alone. Make a conscious decision and effort to change the things that need to be changed that are in your control and let go and surrender the things that you can’t help or control. Over time things have a way of working itself out and you can’t stop the things that are supposed or meant to happen, so find your balance within your struggles and gain strength and inner peace to trust and surrender to God or your higher power and know you will be o.k if you want better for yourself.

Push through the struggles of your life, defeat it so you can develop strength and this strength will produce growth.

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