“When you give to others to the degree that you sacrifice yourself, you make that person a thief. When you start sacrificing yourself for other people you make them a thief because they’re stealing from you what you need and they don’t even know it”

Iyanla Vanzant

This quote rings so much truth to me and maybe for a lot of people as well because I use to put my happiness and my personal priorities on the back burner to make sure others were it a good place especially with emotional help, when all while I  was the one emotionally drained. When we make a choice to  we must try to factor in how would it effect me immediately over time It doesn’t matter what you may do for others it’s how you feel while and when you do it. Sometimes we give so much of ourselves in many different ways for many different reasons, not realizing we maybe hurting ourselves in the long run and that can really make you feel like you have been robbed.

I have written about putting yourself first here on the blog including  Learning How To Say No as well as covered this topic in my book A Reason To Live: How To Get Through difficult Times and I believe it is a very important topic to get across because many of us don’t put ourselves first and we don’t realize how much stress we put on ourselves when we ignore our needs first, we create excuses in our head for not properly taking care of ourselves. I’m not saying be selfish or not do or care for others, but it’s a good idea to have all your stuff straight first so you can be in a better position to be there for others, and so you don’t feel like you were robbed of energy, time, money, respect or anything thing else you may give away in order to please other people.

Your happiness matters and you want to keep progressing further in your life so always value yourself and show self love for yourself so that you are able to fully be there and show love to others without feeling robbed or guilty towards yourself.

1 Love Beautiful People ❤