Hey Beautiful People, I wanted to share a page from my book to give a little inspiration. If you would like to read more of my motivational tips and advice to get yourself on a positive path especially if you are going through anything that maybe hindering your growth this book is for you, click the link above.

Love Is The Answer

Everyone wants to feel and be loved

From the time we are born until the day we leave this world, most of us want to experience the joys of being in a great relationship and having family and friends that show this awesome emotion of love. We want to feel needed, wanted, and appreciated.What I feel happens when we don’t get these awesome results of love, we start to lose respect for it in some ways. We want and need it but we don’t always do the work in maintaining it. Some of us get too comfortable with selfish behaviors, some take extreme measures to prove that they love a person, which in some cases can lead to abuse including controlling ways and “crimes of passion.“THIS ISN’T WHAT LOVE SHOULD FEEL OR LOOK LIKE AT ALL.

Love is hard work and that’s the beauty of it, fighting for what you believe in and keeping it real and true but doing this in a respectable, caring and positive manner. Love has no limits it is unconditional, never limit yourself to conditions where love doesn’t existLove is also knowing when to let go, especially when you’re loving yourself and you know you deserve better. How many times have you subjected yourself to things and people that didn’t deserve the kind of love you expressed? We have all been down this road, now it’s time to understand the true meaning of love and how to express it and accept it the right way.

The energy that love releases outweighs anything that may affects us in a negative way, that is if we want and know how to accept the energy of love and what it offers. This world is filled with so much hate and all the different emotions that can impact our lives in ways where love seems impossible, we get conflicted with the confusion of other people intentions and motives and we lose sight of what’s important to keep ourselves happy with genuine love. If you have love in your heart and show that same emotion to others, you will always come out on top. Nothing good comes from hating and causing harm to others. We are all the same in many ways, and at the end of the day most of us want the same things to help in our journey and our purpose here.

Love is the answer to all things unjust

One Love Beautiful People