HABIT; a usual way of behaving : something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way

We all have habits in some kind of form, habits can be as simple as our morning routines like waking up and performing the tasks we need to get ready for our day, you know shower, brush teeth, eat breakfast etc. or we can develop some pretty bad habits that are out of control like smoking cigarettes, using drugs or lying to name a few. Some habits can even start out as good ones but over time turned into a habit that would be best for you to stop. Nobody is perfect but our habits should reflect the life we want. If good and positive is something you want for yourself then good and positive habits should help in that process to reflect the positive changes you want for yourself. 

Creating good habits starts with the choices you make for yourself which includes your though process, think about the goals that you want to set for yourself and line your actions with them. Make it a good habit to start thinking positive things for your future, train yourself to only want the best of your day, week and future. Speak positive things over your life. Write out the things you want to get done every week so that you don’t lose focus on your goals, hold yourself accountable for your actions and form good habits to keep yourself from hindering your process.

Make a good habit of taking care of yourself physically, including planning your workout routines, keeping up with doctor appointments, eating healthy etc. When you have good habits for taking care of yourself there’s no room for bad habits to form because you already know what and how you want to keep your body feeling and looking. 

Develop good habits for keeping toxic people away from you, sometime we make it a habit to socialize with the wrong types of people because of many reasons and some of these reasons lead to bad choices that lead to bad habits, this falls inline with self awareness and insecurities, make sure you deal with these issues first.

These are a few way to start forming better habits for yourself, these are example of different points in your life to focus on to change and create good habits within. The way you think, the way you take care of yourself and who you allow to affect your life. Start making wise decisions to change your outcome into better ones and once you do that the habits you create for yourself will be good ones that show positive growth.

   1Luv ❤