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My family suffered a great lost, a beloved family member has left this Earth to become our Angel. She was and still will be my biggest supporter, when i felt like giving up she pushed and motivated me through it all. She couldn’t wait to read whatever I had to write and share with the world. She knew how much it means to me to help anyone that may need inspiration and encouragement As i began to write my ebook she was right there in my corner telling me to keep going, so I will dedicate my book to my sister in law because she taught me a lot, she instilled and inspired me and some of the words I’ve written. The journey must continue on my part here on Earth to help those that need that push to make it through just like she gave me. 

I want you all to know when life hits you in the face with anything that may effect you in a negative way you must learn how to pull yourself back up. Don’t give up remember the things that are important to you to keep going. Make sure you tell those you love you love them because tomorrow isn’t promise but in the meantime while we are here love yourself and make a positive impact on others so your soul can be free. 

My ebook will touch on a variety of ways to live your life and not just exist letting difficult times get the best of you, you must push through and believe in yourself and you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish.

Sleep in peace to my sister in law and thank you for always believing in me ❤


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