To be and live as your authentic self, you have to know and love who you are. The real you wants what’s in your best interest to better your life. You would make wise decisions, you won’t feed into peer pressure and you would only socialize with people that lifts you up in positive ways and you would be the same to others .

If you find yourself stepping out of your true self to fit in, to gain approval, or sometimes out of fear, this isn’t your true self, it’s something that takes over and to have you feel that it’s ok. When you look in the mirror and don’t like the person your looking at because of what the “fake you” portrays then its time to figure out WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Do you walk around with stories or lies already made up to tell to socially fit in? Do you exaggerate the truth to get attention? Do you have to show off and boast yourself to anyone that will listen? Do you judge others to make yourself look better?

Sometimes people can push us to be a little out of character but if its a habit or if you go out your way to be someone your really not, you should look deep and solve the issue that’s causing you to be this way.
Be happy with who you are, you’re unique, you’re special and only you can choose to want to be and live your life as your true authentic self because you are the ONLY one living your life.

1LUV ❤


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