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download (3)As the Summer leaves us behind and Fall and Winter slowly creeps in, we still have to feel motivated and inspired because things may begin to appear slower, colder and all we want to do is stay warm and relax after our daily routines. So over the next couple of months finding more things to keep us motivated and inspired is very important.

I called the months between October- April the hibernating months, I call it this because some of us use these month to over eat, we workout less, we don’t enjoy the out doors, we layer up so we put less effort into our clothing choices, simply put, some people just get lazy during these month, then as April approaches we try to quickly get our minds and body’s right for the summer months, when we should’ve used the “hibernating months” to prepare to blossom (so to speak) during the colder months. Though we may not be as active out doors like the summer months or we don’t do as much other than our normal routine because it’s too cold, we still must maintain a balance in our minds, body and growth towards our goals.

So use these couple of months coming, to continue to get out of your comfort zone and live your best life. Use this time to put together a winter workout routine, learn how to eat right, take care of your skin, research more educational things to help with your goals and most important continue to set and accomplish goals, just because the coming colder months are approaching doesn’t mean this is the time to forget everything you’ve learn or slow down leaving room for procrastination or failure because if you allow that to happen then you will be very regretful in knowing you could’ve accomplished all that you needed to once these short months have passed but you chose not to..