Learning to say NO to certain things and people that may come across your path can be challenging because if you’re a kind person most likely you will think about others before yourself. Though it’s always a good thing to care about others feelings and well being, you also want to make sure you’re not taking so much from yourself that you forget about caring about your own feelings and well being.

The way you use the word NO is very important because it will change the direction of your life and emotions. You have to begin to understand what is important to the best interest of your life. When you’re agreeing and saying yes to the things and people that are not on the same course or going in the direction you want your life to go, you are being robbed of your time and energy not to mention your mental state of mind will begin to get drained with the negatives of saying yes. 
Saying yes to everything based on how you want people to view you is not healthy because it can create bad habits in people towards you, they may start to take advantage of you because yes is you favorite word and they can see you would rather put yourself on the back burner to satisfy the needs of others. In other words you teach people how to treat you and you have to be able to love yourself enough to know when something can effect the course for your life because you’re always giving in by saying yes to the wrong things leaving you feeling like you just been robbed.


#1. You should never feel guilty about doing what’s best for you. 
#2. Saying NO to things that may effect you in the long run is in your best interest.
#3. Be in a positive state of mind to continue to reassure your reasons for saying NO.

#4. Loving yourself plays a big part in saying NO because you have to trust yourself and your judgement for yourself and life. 
#5. Set boundaries with the people in your life that you care about, so they don’t always feel they can run to you when they need something that you mite can not take from yourself to give, people that love you will understand you and your situations to not burden you with added problems. 
#6. Stand up for yourself when dealing with people that want to drag you down and make their problems yours

In conclusion never tolerate confusion or extra stress to your life, say NO if you feel it may take you away from your goals or from what you expect and want for yourself and your life. Continue to stay focus on the bigger picture, so in the long run you will be able to freely say yes to the things you need to say Yes to without taking from yourself. Remember saying YES or NO can mentally, physically or financially drain you or it can make you comfortable and happy with yourself and life. Learn to make wise decisions and understand why you may need to say NO but always put your well being first because if you can’t help, be there or take care of yourself how can you help, be there or take care others.