80faf23505331ac9de1e2c72102a4688 Are you living and experiencing your best life or are you just existing?

Life with all the ups and downs that comes within it can have us feel like we have to always be and live in this box and conform to the status quo. 

There’s no better feeling then living outside this imaginary box. When you take chances to do the things you wouldn’t normally do, you can get a great sense of freedom. It will give you great confidence to be able to live instead of just existing in this world like you don’t have a purpose.

Speaking of purpose,

EVERY LAST HUMAN ON THIS EARTH is born with a purpose and I believe while we are here on this Earth and as we live out our lives we are suppose to experience a journey into our purpose. Some of us get stuck on this journey and give up because things get rough, in those trying times, that is when we can begin to learn and find out our purpose to grow into something great. We can’t sit back and just let life happen to us, we must start to develop a way of thinking to always come out on top. 



If you have decided to be on a journey of finding peace, positivity and success, then taking chances is a major way in obtaining those things. We must take chances on the things we want to do and sometimes on the things that we don’t want to do. If we don’t take a chance and shoot for all our goals, desires and dreams then we can develop regrets and that would be a whole other issue for our life. In most cases what stops us sometimes from taking chances and just going for want we want is FEAR. I’ve talked about fear and the different types and causes of fears we carry many times in other blog posts. Fear puts so many limits on our growth and it changes the way we think and how we live our lives. Figure out your fears and demolish them by pushing through it. 


So I know you maybe thinking, what if I take these chances for my life and things just don’t work out? 
Well the answer to that is YOU WILL NEVER KNOW! 
How would you know if things wouldn’t or would work out for you, if you don’t even try to see things through. Think of it this way, If Steve Jobs would’ve stayed comfortable with having a normal 9-5 job and kept all his brilliant ideas to himself, we wouldn’t have the amazing Apple Products. His ideas were different and ground breaking, he pushed through the fears of the unknown and the doubts from his peers and society and took a chance with his ideas, and the great thing about that is not just his success but also the mistakes he made along the way, because his success was not automatic. He grew, he lost and he conquered again until he got it right. Those mistakes lead to something even greater and today we have some of the best inventions of the 21st century. Just think of all the pioneers of the world that accomplished great things because they made up their minds to take a chance. You can do it as well.


Why not take chances on the things you want for your life, in any areas of your life. It can be with love, a career, education, traveling the world, whatever you see for yourself and life you should at least explore and experience your options in this life. You don’t want to wake up one day regretting your life and what you should’ve done or could’ve done. Take a small step everyday and breathe in new thoughts, ideas, experiences, people and places with a positive attitude and then you can say I gave it all a try.