This is a quick guide on how to turn a negative into a positive and how to overcome the things and obstacles that may hinder our growth into becoming our best self. Some of the things that can cause a negative affect on our lives stem from our FEARS and WEAKNESSES. Fear and weakness are distractions that keeps us comfortable to not even try to reach our best self and potential. We must instead learn how to use these types of distractions to continue to push us through because we have goals and successes that must be accomplished.

Take your focus off of your fear or weakness, don’t keep reminding yourself of them. Think of the RESULTS and not the process. Respect the process but stay focused on the end results and why you need to get through it. Don’t lose sight of the vision.
Overcome the obstacle of fear. When you’re focused on the negative of your process, you will only commit to the negative and there will be no positive results because nothing from negative can result in positive. Your focus should stay on the end results of your goals no matter how hard it is or how long it will take.

“Think positive, receive and except positive results through your works. Success is a mental state of mind. You can talk yourself in and out of success and/or failure. If you think you’re a success, you will be a success” ~ Steve Harvey  

“Inspiration in the absence of actions and motivation is nothing more than comfortable distractions. Don’t distract yourself from greatness and accomplishing your dreams, focus on the results and not the process. Write down everything that is a distraction to your growth then shut it down”~ Eric Thomas  

Step out of your comfort zone and use your fears and weaknesses as the fuel to push you through because the reward at the end will be your success story.

                                                              1LUV ❤