It’s one thing to have goals, dreams and want the best out of life, that’s great it shows your zest for life and hope for your future, but if you’re not showing the necessary actions to reach the things you want then its just trapped thoughts and visions.

Trapped thoughts and visions are those great ideas we have but never seem to see them through. They just sit in the back of our mines and get stomped on by fear, doubt and any other negative force, then ultimately they get trapped and even though those trapped thoughts and visions are trapped in our minds, we still feel the effects of them, we feel regret, anger, depression, and the I shoulda, coulda blues making you feel lost inside. It is very possible to awaken those thoughts and visions trapped in your mind to put them in action.

Start by organizing your thoughts, clear out anything that maybe a negative or hinder to your progress. Replace them with positive thoughts and affirmations and remind yourself of how much you have to offer.

Make sure your surroundings match how you’re feeling inside, if you want happiness, love, success or anything of positivity to help your progress you have to eliminate the things that are not going to keep you focused on your goals and what you want. This may includes letting go of some of the people in your life.

You should put your thoughts and visions on paper (or your electronic gadgets) Seeing your ideas, wants and goals written in detail gets them out of your mind, it’s a start to making them real. 

Commit to these thoughts and visions stand behind them, have confidence in them and breathe life into them. 

Do the work to make it happen, don’t sit around thinking things are going manifest on their own, you have to put in the energy first, so that all things can work according to what you want. 

Trust the process. When you have a clear understanding of what you want you will begin to see and attract the very things and people that you want for yourself and life. That is the powerful connection between your thoughts and visions and God.

So don’t allow your thoughts and visions to be trapped inside. Believe in yourself enough to know that you are great therefore you should expect nothing less than great for yourself and your life.