I think one of the reasons we can hinder ourselves from becoming our potential self, reaching our goals and getting far, is having lack of confidence.
Sometimes we can literally talk ourselves out of great ideas, doing big things or even changing our ways because we begin to judge ourselves in a negative way and also we begin to take on a type of fear of how we may look or sound to others, We sometimes have an imaginary war going on in our head with thoughts like “I’ll never get far”, “My ideas are useless”, “What if no one likes me”,”She/he is better than I am”, or even “My life sucks” etc.
When we entertain these thoughts or thoughts on the lines of these, our actions will fall into the same line and we either don’t go after what we want or we don’t begin to take necessary steps into accomplishing our goals and dreams, or sometimes we may begin to move but quickly get stuck or come to a complete stop because of doubt from our thought process. We can even look back in our childhood or young adult years and see what person(s) or situation(s) that determined how we view ourselves today, Did you have a great upbringing with love and people around to help build you and your confidence up? or did you go through your life with judgments and bad situations and people to have you feel low, stripping your self confidence?These are good questions to ask yourself to find out why you are the way you are and why either you lack confidence or have it.


CONFIDENCE is needed to obtain anything of great importance. Self confidence is being aware of our capabilities to get to the next level of the things we want for ourselves. When you have confidence in yourSELF, you will believe in all you’re doing and how you’re doing it no matter the outcome, no matter what anyone may think or say because it just wouldn’t matter to you if you’re focused on what’s best for you.


Here are some quick tips I suggest on having or beginning to have SELF CONFIDENCE…


  • KNOW and LOVE YOUR SELF When you know and love yourself, you will know what’s best for you and your life.  Nothing really can stand in between what you deserve and what you’re worth because you know and respect you process for yourself and your life.
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF Having confidence is believing that you can do what ever it is that you put your mind to. Trust that you will be o.k during whatever process you may have to go through. You have to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to be successful. If you don’t believe in yourself, Know one else will.
  • BE HUMBLE Having self confidence doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else, It also doesn’t mean to be conceded. Having the confidence in yourself is a way of wanting the best but also being humble enough to see potential in others wanting and doing the same.
  • FOCUS ON YOUR HAPPINESS Don’t allow others, your environment, lack of money stop you from believing you can do what ever it is you need to, to build better for yourself. When you have self confidence, happiness is a key component to make sure you keep yourself on a great path. When you’re not happy think about what has you so low and deal with it.So in closing, the key to making things happen and go far in the life you want to create is having SELF CONFIDENCE. It can really get you far when you trust and believe in yourself, don’t look to others to give you anything if you can’t first give it to yourself.