On my new freeing journey in finding my true self and learning how to live a more peaceful and positive life, I now understand the power my mind has to change my life and one form of this comes from MEDITATION this allows me to reprogram and refresh my mind so that all other aspects in my life can stay balanced. Try it, it really helps you become a better person.


You want to have positive purpose in all areas of your life whether it be choosing a new job, making friends, building new relationships or just making every day decisions. There are many ways and forms to meditate use different sources to find one that’s best for you and your life. Meditation can be used to help you find clarity in the purpose of your goals, wants, and needs.


Make a decision to want to connect and know who your inner self is and what it wants to do. Meditation can help us reflect, accept, and change to become what we are truly meant to be. It allows up to speak through the mind directly to the soul.


Meditation is not meant to be forced or a way to not deal with your responsibilities and your path in life. It is used to help with the weight of negative issue to help balance out your choices and situations to find peace and positivity with any given result.

                                                                      HOW TO MEDITATE

PICK A SPECIFIC PLACE (room, bathroom, out doors etc.) to meditate in, avoid place where you work, where there’s noise, or lots of traffic flowing throughout your space. You want to pick somewhere you WILL NOT BE DISTURBED!

LIGHT CANDLES~ Enhance your relaxation. You can also use scented candles, aroma theory is another great way to relax.

TAKE DEEP BREATHS~breathing deep relaxes the muscles, it slows down the heart rate and helps focus the mind.

DO NOT STRESS~ Try to think of all there is positive for you and the things going good for you, release the tension  from within through your breathing in order for you to focus.

BE GRATEFUL~ Feel the gratitude in yourself, others and things. Feel this during and after you mediate. Allow yourself to feel appreciation.

THE BEST TIME~ In my opinion the best time to meditate is in the mornings, it’s more quieter and your mind is refreshed awaiting the day, Use mediation to calm your day with positivity before your day even begins.

                                                          THE BENEFITS  OF MEDITATION

It lowers stress
It lets us get to our true self
It lowers depression
It helps you sleep better
It makes you a better person
It changes the brain in a protective way

It helps in four elements
Body awareness
Self awareness
Regulation of emotion
Regulation of attention

                                                                   HAPPY MEDITATING