In taking the necessary steps to live a healthy, positive and successful life, we have to understand FEAR and how to overcome it. We first need to be honest with ourselves and sort out


There are a lot of common reason we have fears and mostly it’s the fear of what others may say, feel or think about us or what we are trying to do and sometimes this type of fear can hinder or in some case totally stop our process in becoming what we want or doing what we desire to do. There are other fears as well but they all narrow down to a choice made by us to go through or not.

On my podcast show I talked about fear and how it’s very possible to overcome it, I really liked Tyrese Gibson’s book “How To Get Out Of Your On Way” this was one of the tools I used to help myself with fear, I highly suggest this book not only is it a great read it’s very useful in dealing with real life situations in a variety of areas in your life and it is very inspiring that Tyrese opened up to shared his life, the not so glamour part of it and how he over came those times and situations.

The thing about fear is that it can cause confusion within your mind and thinking process to sometimes develop excuses of why you’re not making moves to get ahead, when in reality it’s just a form of fear. What we don’t want to happen is to allow this negative thinking to become a habit and totally stop your life goals. We must remain true to ourselves and feel excited to do things and experience things to get us to the next level without fear creeping in. Yes naturally we will have fear but we should never allow it to hinder us or worst stop us from progression.

One of my ways of living fearless is to surround myself with people that are helpful and are motivators, people that understand fear but made it through it. I also read self help books, and I watch inspirational people. The key is WANTING to do what it takes to overcome fear and only you are responsible for taking the steps to DO IT!

TO LIVE IN FEAR IS TO NOT LIVE AT ALL! Be fearless with your goals, dreams and accomplish them knowing you pushed through and over came fear.

1LUV ❤