The older I got the less patience I had dealing with things that disturb my happy energy. I became angry not only at the people that may have effected me in a negative way, I also got angry with myself because I realized it was ME that attracted the behavior to my life. So I had to find another way to handle the many distractions that effected my life in a negative way. And so I did and it wasn’t easy but now I can say no one is allowed to affect my mood unless I give them the permission to do so.

In my journey into finding inner peace and positive ways to cope with the world and the people in it. I learned that what we put out is what we will get back just like a boomerang, some call it Karma. What ever the label for it is, it’s a  guarantee you will feel the affects of it. This can work both ways for good and for bad.

Now how do we control what we put out to get the good things we deserve?  Well there’s many ways to answer this some find all this goody mentality way of living is unrealistic, I know because I was one of those people and I was wrong in my case .  So below I will list 10 ways I cut out less negativity in my life and in return I am now receiving some of the good blessing  in, around, and for my life.

1.FORGIVE YOURSELF- This means stop dwelling on what could’ve been, make peace with all the mess ups, hurts, pain and doubts you have for yourself. You will never hear your spirit telling you the good things if you don’t get rid of all the noise in your head.

2.FORGIVE OTHERS- Yes I know in some cases this maybe hard to do, but it’s never for the other person. Having a forgiving heart has all the reasons for you to benefit from positively. Releasing you closer to your inner peace and opening doors and blessings to come through. You will feel free within because the weight of hurt is gone, it’s a negative it doesn’t belong in your soul. Tho it’s hard to do just allow yourself to take baby steps to get there.

3.ASK FOR FORGIVENESS- We are human and as humans we tend to make mistakes some of us mess up pretty bad to where we feel we don’t deserve forgiveness. If you truly made a mistake and learned from it, ask the person/persons you hurt or affected negatively for forgiveness. Try to make things right and if they choose to not forgive, then it’s on them not you especially if you made every effort to make things better. Remember the outcome I mentioned in #2.

4.TAKE RESPONSIBILITY- Inner peace lives in a place in our souls where if you don’t take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions that affect you and others you will never know what inner peace feels like because it will stay hidden until you do. This can also be use with #3.

5.BEGIN TO LOVE YOUR SELF- It’s o.k to be selfish SOMETIMES especially when your mental state needs it. Find ways to treat yourself to things that make you happy and this does not mean to be superficial or conceited. Show yourself love through different outlets. Check on your health, read a good book, spend time with family and friends, go to a spa, meditate/pray, say positive affirmation to yourself, etc. be good to yourself be happy so that everyone around you can feel your energy and everything can be centered in a positive state.

6.STAY AWAY FROM TOXIC PEOPLE- We all know the saying “the smaller your circle, the less drama it is” this is very true. Not everybody is gonna be in your corner so you wanna pay close attention to “your circle” or others that fit these characteristics family members, classmates, social media is flooded with these types of people, cut your “friend” list down. Sometimes without knowing, toxic people can suck the life out of you and leave you feeling drained, it can become a bad habit or pattern with people like this. your job is to figure out if they’re worth the drama, energy or sometimes your life. Make wise choices because this is a very tricky thing to figure out but when you find inner peace your spirit will choose for you.

7.ENGAGE WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE-  It’s very freeing and comfortable talking to, having fun with and being around people that may think like you and/enjoy the same things as you. It’s o.k if some may not understand who you really are but you should never change who you are to fit in or to make others comfortable. Being around positive people that you can engage in different things with that can uplift you, motivate you, you can celebrate success and/or learn from others to get on your own path of success.  When your mind is on positivity and living your best life to be successful you will begin to attract the same people thinking in the lines that you are.

8.CREATE A VISION BOARD- Sit down and decide what changes you want to make in your life and what you want life to give you. Get a poster board or use Pinterest and being to create the life you want through words, pictures and affirmations look at it everyday and visualize it’s already yours, in due time and Divine faith you will being to attract and manifest those things into your life. I believe we were born with a reason and purpose, nobody on this earth was put here to be worthless or meaningless. I also believe that our choices effect the out come of what we get in life. “Ask and you shall receive” we have heard this many times but some of us never took the time to find understanding of what that really means WHY? Because some just don’t ask because they feel they don’t deserve what they’re asking for.  Change your thinking, change your life.

9.MEDITATE/PRAY BE OBEDIENT- Inner peace lives in all of us, hiding in our soul to be release so we can live a more relaxed and happier life. A great way to see and feel this peace is through meditation, prayer or just siting still silent for 5-10 minutes a day maybe even twice a day. This helps to remind you that there’s something bigger than us and the goal is to be peaceful, happy, live abundantly without fear and to trust the process when things go wrong because when you do this and remain calm everything will eventually work in your favor.  It does not matter how or when you take a moment to breath and reflect in meditation/prayer  just remember it’s one of the keys to unlocking your inner peace.

10.BE GRATEFUL/ SHOW GRATITUDE- How can you even being to find inner peace, ask for what you deserve or expect positive blessing and out comes, if you don’t first be thankful for what you already have or for what is to come. It doesn’t work that way and if it is working that way for you then be prepared for the boomerang to hit you, because what you put out is what you’ll receive back in Divine timing. Tho I understand that sometimes we take things for granted I do this sometimes as well, We are humans  with flaws. Begin to show gratitude for any and everything  because it’s those things that get you to the bigger and more powerful things for your greater good in due time. Make a gratitude jar, I have one of these and it’s beautiful to write down a few words of gratitude and to look at the jar see how many things I am blessed with and grateful for even through difficult times. Doing this is very effective to finding inner peace.